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What We Make

The World's Best Hot Dogs ...


Super Duper leads the way with eight great varieties of specialty hot dogs! Split, grilled, and lavishly slathered with our homemade relishes, and bedded into soft, fresh-baked rolls, just one bite tells you why our dogs set the standard

... Mind Blowing Burgers ...


This is how you make a burger. You can get a burger anywhere, but a Super Duper Burger is made from certified organic, hormone-and-antibiotic-free Angus prime, locally raised and butchered! Put this in your mouth and you will fall in love.

... Fantastic French Fries ...


If you think the dogs and burgers are good, try the fries. We make them from potatoes grown just for us. We carefully store them with fanatical attention. And then right in front of you, we fresh-cut and double-fry them for that knee-weakening crisp and taste you cannot resist.

... That We Bring to Your Event!